Areas of Specialism

Confidence and Assertiveness

Lack of confidence or assertiveness can easily prevent us from achieving our goals or simply living life as we would wish to. This area is one where hypnotherapy can bring about the most dramatic changes. The emphasis, here, is to identify the stumbling blocks and become acquainted with positive models. This begins with an overhaul of 'self-talk' and proceeds with the development of 'correct thinking' and mental rehearsal. Confident and assertive behaviour is within all of us and can be encouraged more easily using hypnotherapeutic methods.

Personal Peak Performance

At times of our choosing, it is important to be able perform at our absolute best. On these occasions we need to find our focus and produce our optimum level of delivery. There are certain facets that may combine in order to achieve 'peak performance', e.g. natural talent, application, recall, repetition, stamina, temperament. yet we sometimes fail due to lapse of concentration, nerves, doubt or some other sabotaging element. Hypnotherapy offers strategies to help us, reliably and consistently, access the brilliance of our unconscious resources and reach for our peak performance.

Types of performance that we can work on, may include:
Sport (individually or as a team): Mental coaching, playing to win, maintaining focus and concentrating on success.
Exams: Preparation, remaining calm, retrieving information and managing time efficiently.
Business: Identifying the right words, improving communication skills and delivering presentations effectively.
Performing arts: Overcoming nerves, remembering content and performing with confidence.

In tailor-made sessions, we work on creating the optimal mindset, visualising the desired outcome and anchoring a positive state of 'in the now' to be accessed at will.

Goal Directed Therapy

In order to achieve any goal we set for ourselves, three essential stages must be addressed.

  1. Define the objective.
  2. Form a strategy.
  3. Take the first step!

Hypnotherapy can assist us in turning our ambitions and desires into reality. In a safe, relaxing environment and using a variety of techniques, we proceed through these stages, clearing away any obstacles such as self-doubt, fear or procrastination, and establish a steady momentum by harnessing positivity and focusing on achieving the goal.