General Consultations

A number of factors, including the presenting issue, the client's expectations and the rate of progress, will determine how many sessions of hypnotherapy are required. There is no set rule as no two individuals respond in exactly the same way. Much can be achieved in a single session while, in other instances, a specific plan may be adopted for, say, three sessions. The overall number rarely exceeds six.

All consultations, unless otherwise stated, last an hour. During the initial session, the client will have the opportunity to a) discuss the problem in detail, b) have all questions answered and c) begin therapy, which will include some exercises to practise before the next session.

Subsequent consultations are never less than one hour and all general sessions are the same fee.

Smoking Cessation Consultations

The 'smoking cessation' therapy requires a different approach and is designed to take place in a single session, lasting approximately two hours. (Occasionally, this therapy will be split into two sessions for the same fee.)

Developing the Art of Self-Hypnosis (See here)

'Accessing the Mental Toolkit' is offered as a one-to-one course in developing the art of self-hypnosis, comprising three sessions. Basic groundwork is covered and specific themes may be introduced to suit the individual's purpose.


Consulting room session fee85.00
Telephone session fee - 30 mins50.00
Telephone session fee - 45 mins65.00
Smoking cessation fee215.00
'Accessing the Mental Toolkit' course225.00