During a time of great personal difficulty, Valerie was an amazing support for me. Professionally, I'm achieving above and beyond what was thought possible. The sessions I had made all the difference. I would recommend her highly.

G.S. Sports Professional

I went to see Valerie for help with stopping smoking. I also had an ambition to run the London Marathon. I did both and haven't looked back. It changed everything for me.

S.A. Health Professional

After just two sessions of hypnotherapy, I felt equipped with lifelong tools to help manage the stresses and challenges of daily life. Valerie ensured that the sessions specifically dealt with my personal goals and helped me to apply these tools immediately to real-life situations. The effect was almost instantaneous and very positive! I frequently refer to what I've gained from these sessions to help face new challenges.

R.C. IT Professional

For many years, I suffered from a phobia that was becoming increasingly debilitating. I had to do something about it. Valerie was recommended to me for hypnotherapy and after just three sessions I was completely free of my fear. I can't begin to describe the difference this has made to my life.

L.C. Administrator

I contacted Valerie for guidance on building self-confidence, managing anxiety and reducing stress in the workplace. Valerie's style is relaxed, friendly and informal. After only a few sessions, I have noticed a very significant increase in my confidence levels, particularly at work. I have learned how to use self-hypnosis to improve issues concerning insomnia and work-related anxieties. I plan to continue to use these new skills to add further enhancement to my quality of life.

J.P. Finance Director